20 July 2023

Former MasterChef star Steph De Sousa shares Aldi's top cult buys

Former Masterchef star Steph De Sousa decided to share her ultimate cheat sheet to some of Aldi’s new limit…

8 May 2023

MasterChef Australia frugal foodie Steph De Sousa shares money saving supermarket meat shopping tip

Aussie mum reveals how she saves thousands on her food bill with one simple trick · Steph De Sousa buys whole chickens and dissects them herself…

1 August 2023

Steph De Sousa's chicken fajitas cooked 3 ways and served 3 ways

Sizzling Mexican fajitas are an easy family favourite and this chicken recipe can also be served in three different ways…

15 Feb 2023

Check out Steph de Sousa's quirky but practical recipes for families on a budget

Look at the bottom shelf of the supermarket aisle for cheaper versions of ingredients. Cook from scratch rather than buying ready made.

23 July 2023

MasterChef's Steph de Souza reveals her fave new finds at Aldi: 'The bomb'

She continued to the freezer aisle, highlighting Urban Eats onion bhajis and spinach pakoras, which she and her family enjoyed for a “lazy…

19 May 2023

Former MasterChef contestant Steph De Sousa shares lasagne recipe cooked directly in airfryer

Ingredients · 100g Pure Valley Butter · 2 tbsp White Mill Plain Flour · 1 litre Farmdale Full Cream Milk · 1 cup Westacre Dairy Pizza Cheese…
18 May 2023

Aussie mum and former MasterChef contestant breaks internet with air fryer lasagne recipe costing less than $5 a serve!

Former MasterChef star Steph De Sousa has gone viral for her quick, easy, and affordable air fryer lasagna recipe…

24 Oct 2023

This one pan lemon and dill risotto is delicious and ridiculously easy to make

Chef and Masterchef star Steph De Sousa’s one pan chicken risotto is so easy all you need to do is put all the ingredients in and leave it…
10 July 2023

Aldi Cake Hack: The Easy 99c Birthday Cake

Buying fancy celebration cakes can get quite expensive. So if you’re trying to save a few dollars for your next party, why not have a go at…
17 June 2019

WATCH: This MasterChef Australia elimination will break your heart

MasterChef has farewelled fan favourite Steph De Sousa. The mother-of-four broke down in tears as she discussed her time on the show…

11 Aug 2022

MasterChef star Steph De Sousa ready to TikTok her way at Aroma festival

MasterChef alumni Steph De Sousa is looking forward to the Maitland Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival this weekend.
11 May 2023

Mother’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank

No doubt by now you have either watched a Mother’s Day ad on TV, seen shelves lined with gift ideas or even been asked what you would like…
9 May 2023

Former MasterChef star shares hack to halve your chicken spending

Steph De Sousa shows fans how they can halve their grocery spending simply by changing the way they cut chi…
4 May 2019

MasterChef’s love of food is Tassie grown

Although her favourite dishes are now inspired by the cooking of her Indian husband Neville, Mrs De Sousa said her grandmother first gave her a…
24 Mar 2020

MasterChef's Stephanie De Sousa shares pantry stocking and cooking tips for self-isolated cooks

MasterChef’s Stephanie De Sousa shares pantry stocking and cooking tips for self-isolated cooks … Talented home cook Stephanie De Sousa made it…
8 Aug 2022

Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival returns to The Levee on August 13-14

DELICIOUS: Maitland Mayor Philip Penfold with special guest and former MasterChef contestant Steph de Sousa ahead of the Aroma Chocolate and Coffee Festival…
25 Oct 2022

Are air fryers really worth the hype?

They’ve gained a cult following on social media but are air fryers actually worth the extra space in your kitchen?

3 June 2019

MasterChef star Larissa Takchi recalls the moment she realised her pork belly was on FIRE

MasterChef star Steph De Sousa had her Vietnamese food truck caught on fire during a team challenge with culinary co-star Larissa Takchi.

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